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What Kind of Products Can You Find on Goldco?

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In this article, we are going to review Goldco! What kind of products can you find on Goldco? Are they the best retailer out there? We will look at how Goldco can help you invest in gold and its services to ensure that you have an easier time securing your future. I assure you this will be fun and educative so let us dive right in!

The value of gold is also more stable than paper currencies in use by governments around the world and has for a long time been used as a reserve for many economies. With Goldco, you have the chance to invest in gold and secure your future and maintain the value of your assets instead of letting war and turmoil erode them. 

Company: Goldco


Founder: Trevor Gerszt (CEO)

Price: Depends on your investment

Who is it for: Precious metal investors


Goldco – Overview

Goldco is a gold investment company that can help you make that critical investment for your retirement or hedge your assets from harsh or unstable economic times. Whenever there is war, the market, in general, tends to be unstable. It is vital to invest in something that you are sure will retain and maintain its value over a long period. Gold is a reliable means of long-term wealth protection since it is stable and reliable for storing value.

Goldco is a company that aims to assist their customers in including greater diversification to their 401K’s and IRAs when they purchase and keep stable assets that are physically tangible. With the many years of experience that they have, they can give their customers an advantage by sharing with them plenty of information and selling assets to them at a lower price compared to the other retailers in the market. 

Their experience has seen them through various phases of the economy, and as such, they are the best fit for an investment company whenever you need to invest in gold or silver. 

Address: 24025 Park Sorrento, Suite 210, Calabasas, CA  91302, United States

What Kind of Products Can You Find on Goldco?

Goldco offers gold and silver IRAs for investors who would like to open an account for their retirement. They are the best investment partner whenever you need to secure your future and ensure that you have a sustainable means of living in your retirement. In addition to opening an IRA account for you, they have the best precious metals specialists to help you in the process.

Goldco has a team of skilled and experienced reps that help you rollover your current IRA into the new IRA without any tax penalties. This means that you do not have anything to worry about when working with the company. In addition to helping you open an IRA account, Goldco can also provide you with IRS-approved gold and silver coins for purchase. You can also easily convert your existing assets into physical gold assets that are stored in an insured depository in a secure location. 

First Class Service

Goldco will help you to start the account for you and help you obtain the kind of gold and silver certified to be held in an IRA. The IRS has strict regulations in terms of the type of gold and silver that can be stored in an IRA, and as such, you must have someone that knows these requirements when opening an account. They will enable you to purchase the correct type of gold or silver for your IRA account and get it stored securely in one of their insured facilities. In short, Goldco makes investing in gold and silver a lot easier and safer for their customers while getting the stressful processes out of the way. 

Starting an investment account with them is easy, and so is deciding on the right kind of precious metals to invest in as they are very knowledgeable and help you all the way. Goldco will be sure to provide you with the answers and information you need to make the best decisions for your retirement. 

These Are The Type of IRAs Goldco Offers:

Gold IRAs – List of Eligible Gold in IRA:
  • Gold American Eagle
  • Gold American Eagle Proof
  • Gold Liberty
  • Gold Australian Striped Marlin
  • Gold Maple Leaf
  • American Gold Buffalo
  • Gold American Bald Eagle
  • Gold Military Guinea
  • Gold Freedom Coin
  • Gold Freedom and Hope
  • Gold Lucky Dragon
  • Gold Australian Saltwater Crocodiles
  • Gold British Lunar Series
  • Gold Bars
Silver IRAs – List of Eligible Silver in IRA:
  • Silver American Eagle
  • Silver American Eagle Proof
  • Silver American Bald Eagle
  • Silver Australian Spotted Eagle Ray
  • Silver Australian Striped Marlin
  • Silver Great Barrier Reef
  • Silver Liberty Coin
  • Silver Military Guinea
  • Silver Maple Leaf
  • Silver Lucky Dragon
  • Silver 20th Anniversary Britannia
  • Silver Freedom & Hope
  • Silver Freedom
  • Silver Australian Saltwater Crocodile
  • Silver World War I
  • Silver WWII Victory
  • Silver Britannia Lunar Series
  • Silver Bars


SIMPLE IRAs – stands for Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees.

401(k) (rollover to a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA)

Individual Retirement Account (Traditional IRA or Roth IRA)

Self-Directed IRAs

This is What You Can Invest in With a Self-Directed IRA:
  • Bonds
  • Digital currency
  • Real estate
  • IRA approved coins
  • Mortgages
  • Promissory
This What Can Not Be Included in Your Self-Directed IRA:
  • Investments in collectibles (artwork, rugs or antiques, alcoholic beverages, gems, and most metals, stamps)
  • Investments in life insurance.

How to Get Started?

Initiating a conversation with the precious metals specialists over at Goldco is as simple as visiting their website and opening the contact page. Fill out the form with the requirements you have in mind, and the rest of the process will be up to them. They will get back with a response and more information about how you can proceed. 

The entire process will be well guided, and you will be treated courteously and with respect. You will also be required to fill out several forms depending on the type of account you would like to open. They can quickly help you in this process over the phone, so you have nothing to worry about when looking to open a gold or silver IRA account. 

Once you have opened the account, you will be able to choose from their selection of gold and silver products in bars, bullion, and coins. They will also help you set up your account and soon enough you will start seeing the benefits of precious metals. They are pretty good at what they do, and this is likely due to the many years of experience that they have working with different customers. Amongst their customers there are plenty of investors who are looking to open a retirement account to secure their future by investing in assets that are stable and will be able to maintain their value no matter how volatile the times might get. 

How Good is Their Support?

Goldco has reliable and exemplary customer support that can be trusted to always be there for you when you need them. They have a fast response time and always have dedicated personnel to walk you through each step of the process and ensure that you have found the help you need.

You can contact Goldco on this page with any questions you might have, big or small. If you prefer talking to a sales rep, call (855) 465-3472.

Gold IRA Fees

The required minimum purchase at Goldco to start a gold IRA is $25,000. Goldco’s preferred Custodian charges a flat annual account service fee which includes a one-time IRA account set-up fee of $50. as well as a $30 wire fee. Annual maintenance is $100, and storage is $150 for segregated storage or $100 for non-segregated storage.

Fees for gold storage and custodianship can vary depending on the company you select to handle these services (required by the IRS, as all IRA assets must be managed by a custodian). Depending on the Custodian, storage fees can range from $10 to $60 per month, or as a percentage of assets, from 0.35% to 1% annually. Goldco does not charge any storage fees for cash transactions over $25,000.

Does Goldco Have a Buyback Program?

Yes. Whenever you need to liquidate, Goldco should be your first choice. They will give you a much better deal than a broker or random coin dealer that will not hesitate to lowball you. 

With Goldco, you have the option to sell back your precious metals, and you will be sure to get a good deal with them. They are reliable and their many years of experience is a good reason to trust that they will do their best to ensure you will get a reasonable agreement that you can be comfortable with. 

Are There Any Red Flags?

Any investment will always involve risk, including silver, gold, and other precious metals. Anyone looking to invest is recommended to first consult with a licensed professional investment advisor. Be informed before you make any investment decisions, consulting with the precious metals specialists first should be a priority. 

Below you will find the reviews and ratings from the most trusted and well-known third party consumer protection agencies:

What Can We Make Out of These Results?

As you can see, there is more of a positive attitude and reputation about the company. This indicates that the company is a reliable investment partner and values its customers. It is also a good sign that Goldco is a gold investment company that will not let you down when you decide to invest with them. 

Goldco is one of the gold investment companies you can trust and wholly rely on to give you the best advice and services whenever you need to invest your hard earned money.

They have not defrauded anyone of their money, and in that respect, we can consider them a legitimate company that will not con you out of your retirement and leave you with stress and worries as many other companies out there have. They are a registered, genuine, and honest gold investment company.

At the moment, Goldco is the one company that stands out from the other providers of similar services. They have the experience and treat their customers with respect, which means they have what it takes to give you a pleasant investment journey. It is not likely that any other companies are as good as Goldco. 

The Good and The Bad

Something that is always wise (and recommended) to do before making any kind of decision is to compare a company’s positive sides against its negative ones. As always in our reviews we make sure to provide you with some obvious points on both sides of the spectrum to make this job easier for you:

The Positive

  • They allow you to open an IRA and buy metals all at the same place. In short, they simplify investing in gold and enable you to have an IRA and deposit your preferred precious metals all in one go. This is quite efficient and a huge convenience for someone investing in gold for the first time.
  • They have great reviews and ratings all over the internet. Results from independent companies and providers of company reviews on the internet reveal that the company is reliable and can be trusted to give customers the best investment advice and guidance. This is important for someone preparing for retirement as it ensures that they have a secure future when they work with a reliable company.
  • They are a knowledgeable company that keeps their customers educated with a massive amount of online resources. These are educational articles that will ensure that investors are well informed before making any decisions. The knowledge base is also an excellent start to investing, and you can learn a lot from the many articles. 

The Negative

  • They do not accept bitcoins as payment.

Do You Own or Represent Goldco?

Are you the owner or a representative of Goldco? Do you feel that there is some information that we have left out or anything that you would like to be included? Feel free to reach out to us with the information, and we will be sure to update the post with the new details. We are constantly working to provide investors with the best information to guide their investment more reliably. Your input and feedback will be much welcome, and we will be sure to let our readers know what changes and improvements are being made over at Goldco. 


Goldco has proven itself to be a reliable investment company when it comes to gold and silver. They are the precious metals specialists and will provide investors with the best information and advice. They also have IRS-approved precious metals, which are a requirement for IRAs, and as such, you can be fully confident that you will get the best services when you choose them to help with your investments. 

With the number of years that the company has been in existence and the services that they have managed to offer to their customers, one would be sure to get the best experience when they decide to open a gold- or silver IRA with them. They have all their activities and functions in one place, and investing is much easier with them. They come highly recommended and are reliable with customer service that is friendly and knowledgeable.

You can easily rely on them to make the onboarding process for new investors easier and effortless for you. They are also educative and will always inform you of all the facts that you should know for each step of the investment process. With Goldco, you can be comfortable and safe knowing that you are investing correctly for your retirement.

I hope this review on what kind of products you can find on Goldco was helpful and that you found it interesting. If you have been in business with this company, we appreciate if you could leave some comments down below to help more people.

Also, if you have any questions about this review we will be more than happy to answer them below!

All the best,


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  1. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed post about goldco. I actually came to know about this company today. And I have never invested in gold. But after reading your post, I thought that gold investment is also a very good thing. And it can be done very easily through this company. Keep posting like this. I will definitely share this.

  2. Absolutely agree. Undoubtedly a reputable business, GoldCo was created to make it simple for people to invest in gold IRAs, a service that might be quite useful for those preparing for retirement. People may easily invest their retirement assets in gold and other precious metals, such as silver, according to this California-based company.

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